BOM’s & QAL’s – Wednesday Update

I intended to show you my progress on these quilts every week on Monday, but I’m sure you’ve noticed they are happening a bit more sporadically than that.  I have decided that it’s better to post when there’s actually some progress to post about than to show nothing.  I think I have made some decent progress since the last post so I hope you enjoy….

2012 8-inch Sampler Quilt from all different Quilt Along’s, Block’s of the Months, and my Own Ideas!

25 blocks so far!  Quilters BOM, New York Beauty Quilt Along, Mariner's Compass Experiments, and Crumb Along!

I have two of every block made for the Blogger’s BOM including the newest one.  I’m still moving a bit slower on the New York Beauty Quilt Along but did manage to make two more since the last post.  I think these are really going to add some jazz to this piece – and I can’t believe I’m actually making them – I never saw myself doing this ever!

I still only have the sole Mariner’s Compass Block done from the aid ofChris Lynn Kirsch’s class and her new self-published book, Compass Capers.  I will definitely be making at least one more of these for this piece.

I have found another Quilt Along to add into this quilt – the Crumb Along.  I am slightly tweaking things from it to fit with what I’m doing (ie – I’m just making two blocks of each design she shows) but I think they’re going to add another great dimension to this quilt!

So far I have 25 8-inch blocks made and I am LOVING this quilt!

You can see what everyone else’s blocks for the Quilter’s BOM look like in the flickr group:

and for the New York Beauty Quilt Along in this flickr group:

and for the Crumb Along:

The Craftsy Block of the Month

First 10 Blocks of the Craftsy BOM

I made the two Wonky Log Cabin Blocks for May today.  They were fun.  The second one was a bit tedious but I do like how it sort of looks like a flower. 

And here’s the Craftsy Block of the Month Flickr Group if you want to see what others’ looks like:


Next up: the BOM from FabricFascination.  Sometime’s BOM’s are nice to just have the fabric all sent already precut for you – and that’s exactly what I’m doing with this one.  Nothing new from me…but I do have plans to work on my May block this week…

Blocks 1 -4:  Fabric Fascination Quilt Along

Home Sweet Home Quilt Along

Home Sweet Home Quilt Along - 16 blocks PLUS 4 Bonus Blocks - I'm in LOVE!

There are TWENTY Block tutorials up now!  Which means – you can finish your quilt (if you wanted 20 blocks – if you were okay with less you should be fine already :)  I have all of mine made AND I have my quilt top pieced.  I could have revealed it to you now but I’m going to wait a blog post or two before I do just to keep you excited.  I did make a different sashing/border strip for every side of the block.  I cheated slightly on the cornerstones but trust me – it looks AMAZING!  Stay tuned for more sashing tutorials as well!

I would LOVE to see how yours is coming along!  PLEASE post your block photo’s to the flickr Group:  Home Sweet Home Quilt Along Flickr Group:

Do you know of any great quilt-alongs I should add to my list?  I’m always looking for more to expand my skills!  I’m especially looking for ones that are 8-inch block size so I can use up more scraps!


  1. I love love love your color choices! Do you always do print on print?

  2. Are you doing this one?


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