Celebration – Round 2

To see more about how I created the middle of this quilt check out my first POST

It was time for round 2 of this gorgeous Celebration Quilt that we’re making at the 2012 Quilts By Barb Retreat Get Away Weekend

005 Initially I thought I would make my stars in this turquoise and make the next strip around in a grey that went with the main fabric.  I rarely second guess myself – I very much an initial ‘gut’ decision maker…but this time I had a secondary ‘gut’ reaction that said it just wasn’t working. 

006So…I decided to try another option – here’s the coordinating stripe to my main fabric surrounded by the same hand-dyed piece i used for my center most star.  005

I stood away from my design wall to help in my decision making. 

001I decided to go with my second gut feeling and do the coordinating stripe and the hand-dyed fabric.   Now to finish up the corners of this piece – which means more decisions to make!  I created four different options and I’ll show you a close up to the corners so you can see even better…002Lower left – Green Typewriter print fabric with the backside of a darker over-dyed fabric. 003Upper right – Green Typewriter Fabric with the front side of a darker over-dyed fabric. 004 Upper left – Turquoise corners with the backside of the over-dyed fabric.005 Lower Left – Turquoise corners with the frontside of the over-dyed fabric.  After hanging on my wall for a few days and also making sure my gut decision was the right one by checking in on Diane’s gut for what I should go for I finally decided to…

celebration round 2 with the upper left option – Turquoise corners with the backside of the over-dyed fabric.  I just really liked how these went together and I think my reaction was right. 

Next – I have to decide on the final round of this quilt (unless I decide to border it…)


Do you think I made the right decisions?


  1. This is beautiful Kim! What will you be doing with it?

  2. Looks great. I like your second choice on the stars better, too.


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