Chicken n Rice Casserole – SUPER EASY DELICIOUS RECIPE! oh – and a Ballet Photo

I know I’m shocking you all by doing a DOUBLE post today!  I’m actually shocking myself – but I didn’t want to forget to share this recipe, show you the photo and tell you about my plans for tomorrow…

This is super easy and super delicious.  EVERYONE in the family just sucks it down – it takes about 5 minutes of prep, stick it in the oven for 2 hours and you have a wonderful meal!

Chicken n Rice Cassserole

1 cup raw rice
1 pkg. Lipton Onion Soup Mix
can of cream of mushroom soup (if you don’t like mushrooms – cream of chicken, cream of celery, and cheesy broccoli soup work well too…these have been my alternates if I didn’t have the mushroom soup in the cupboard)
soup can of water (IMPORTANT – for some reason I always forget this – it’s still good but a bit dry…)

Put in 9x13 pan and place raw (cut-up) chicken pieces on top.  Bake 2 hours at 300-degrees.

Enjoy!  I have my casserole in the oven right now!

ballet Cedi and Capri had their ballet photo’s on Monday night.  You may have already seen this photo on my crafty blog but I had to post here too in case you hadn’t.  Mel (the cute girl on the right) started the pose.  When Mel’s mom and I told the girls to do what Mel was doing they both did these poses – crazy how symmetrical they are!

The recital is on Saturday May 19th – two shows –one at 11:30 and one at 4:30. If you want to come see my cuties perform just let me know and I’ll send you more info!

I’m heading to the Poynette School tomorrow for a long afternoon.  I get to be the parent representative in the interviews for a new first grade teacher.  I’m really happy that I get to give my input and I’ll be interested to see how the whole process works. 

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