Home Sweet Home – Suburbs Sashing Tutorial

00 010 For this sashing, I used the house print from Suzy Ultman’s Appleville Collection for Robert Kaufman.  Any house print fabric you have would work as long as they comfortably fit in the 3.5” x 12.5” sashing strip.

Cutting Instructions:

1 – 3.5” x 12.5” sashing strip


BEFORE you cut our your house, iron on your preferred fusible to the back of your fabric (I’m a Heat ‘n’ Bond girl personally).  Once the fusible is on, THEN cut out your houses (much easier than trying to add the fusible to the cut out houses…)00 011

Arrange your houses on your strip in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to you.  Iron on your houses.  If you used a light fusible be sure to add some appliqué stitches to hold those houses in place!


And it’s as easy as that – and doesn’t it look great!?

00 014

Here is my Suburbs Sashing between Marcia’s Crazee Patch House and The Happy Tree Blocks. 

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