Monday Update – Broken Bones and Butcher Knives

cedi castYup – it’s finally happened.  I’ll be honest – I’ve been waiting for the phone call I got last Wednesday for a long time.  Cedi is such a monkey – I think she started climbing before she started to walk.Cedi cast red lobster

Anyway – it turns out that Cedi fell off the monkey bars at school and landed on her wrist.  I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and the initial diagnosis was a sprain.  The radiologist looked at the x-rays on Wednesday night and I got a call on Thursday morning – bring her in for a cast – a buckle fracture.cedi cast firetruck   When they showed me the x-ray it turns out that both bones in her wrist had buckle fractures.  Once Cedi had her cast on she was a completely different girl – energy back, no more moping around.  We’ll see how long that lasts when she really realizes what it means to not go swimming or in water for 4 weeks…pipAnd just for chuckles (yes, I just wrote chuckles) I had to share this picture of Pip with you.  Yes – she’s sucking on her Butcher Knife – don’t worry it’s plastic but it IS one of her favorite toys.  You should see the looks we get at restaurants when she’s playing with her knife.  

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  1. I'm so late but, oh no! Poor Cedi. Hope she is feeling better.

    And that picture of Pip and the butcher knife is hilarious!


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