Vintage Hexagon Quilt Find!

It’s been a weekend full of cuteness and sadness but now that things are getting back to normal I have some fun posts to share with you. 

I was so excited when I found this quilt at the first Vintage Flea and Find Market hosted by Glitter Workshop

So – the quilt is pretty big so please forgive that I didn’t get the best overall picture of it…but here it is!

Vintage Hexagon QuiltAll the pieces you see are tiny 2-inch hexagons cut from scraps of polyester and they’re all hand pieced together.Vintage Hexagon QuiltI am so so so in love with the  color, the texture, the fun of this quilt!Vintage Hexagon Quilt

The quilt does not have a back.  I’m not sure if I should try to find a piece of vintage fabric and back it and tie it or if i should just leave it as is…  any thoughts?


  1. OMG What a sensational find! I would back it with a vintage sheet, but that is just me.

  2. This is cool.. - backing and maybe even some batting as well - I've just finished a 22mm (weird size I know) hexagon and it is ready for the long arm quilters. Only took 3 1/2 years lol. They are fun to make and rather addictive :)


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