A Family Affair at The Drive In Theater and the Lodi Agriculture Fair

It was a busy weekend at the Lapacek household.  A busy but great, really great weekend. We started out on Friday night by


taking the girls to their first movie at the Big Sky Drive In Theater in the Wisconsin Dells. Before we left we packed the car up with TONS of blankets, pillows and chairs.  We stopped in Portage for popcorn and had a cooler filled with soda.


We were ready for the movie!  If you look at the picture with Jared and the girls you may notice that Pip’s back their in her car seat.  Since we left around  7pm for the movie we hoped that Pip would fall asleep in the car and stay asleep for the movie.  We were dreaming with those thoughts!  It definitely didn’t happen like that. BUT she did to pretty well.  drive inThere was a little time during ‘Brave’ (I really enjoyed the movie as did Cedi (5) but it was a bit too scary for Capri (4)) that Jared had to just walk around with her but overall we were able to keep her content.  If we happen to go again this year I think we would definitely find a sitter for her, but we might try her again next year when she’s a year older.    We had a wonderful time at the drive in but it was definitely a late night.

On Saturday, the girls all took good naps so we were off to the Lodi Agriculture Fair.  I am secretly obsessed with carnival games and there were definitely some good ones at the fair!  Then we went and checked out the Pie Auction that I’ve been hearing about.  It definitely did not disappoint – some of the pies when for OVER $1,000!  How crazy is that!?   But it all goes to a good cause and it was neat to watch.

The girls were so excited to meet the 'princesses' (aka Fairest of the Fair) and I had a really nice chat with this years Alice in Dairyland.

P7140284We met up with John and Al for dinner and then they took the girls on a few rides.

P7140270 Al and Cedi on the bumper cars…P7140273Versus Little John and Carpi…the girls LOVED every minute of it and I think the boys did just as much!  P7140291There were extra tickets so they got to pick another ride…well…sort of…mom may have veto’d a few she wasn’t comfortable with…

They finally agreed on the Dragon Coaster…it was quite entertaining to watch and the girls loved it!P7140296 Before we knew it, it was 8:00 which made for the second late night in a row.  We packed the girls up after checking out all the animals and headed home.  Amazingly the girls went to bed without any meltdowns.

We laid low on today – watered, picked some blueberries with Scott and Erica, had a tea party with them, grilled some brats, watched a movie, and got a house ready for the bunny’s coming soon – and of course, watered.  Lots and lots of watering.  I wish every weekend was like this one was!

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