Gone With the Wind

Last weekend I went to the Vintage Flea and Find July Market to help my good friend Naomi of the Glitter Workshop get things set up and ready for the vendors and customers.  I did this for the April show too and had so much fun that I was more than happy to help again.  Not only do I get to hang out with friends without the pressure of setting up and running my booth but I also get first dibs at all the Vintage Goodness one can find at these shows.  (I found my Vintage Hexagon Quilt at the April show…)

I had a few things in mind that I was on the look out for – like vintage linens and doily's (and YES I found them) but I’m really trying to be a bit more frugal with my spending…actually needing something or knowing exactly what it would be used for.  One of my best finds was a Kraut Cutter that I know we’ll use at the Orchard this fall for our special ‘Kraut Days’ Event.  P7150305At the same booth as the kraut cutter…I spotted it…a First edition copy of ‘Gone with the Wind’, aka, my favorite book ever! I still remember sitting on the couch in our living room on a Friday night during High School and sobbing at the end of the book the first time I read it.  P7150307I re-read it every year and love it more and more each time.  All of my being wanted to snatch it up and buy it.  BUT I listened to my mind and no – I really didn’t need it…

With a heavy heart, I put the book back down.  I figured if it was still at the booth for the next sale it would be meant to be and I should get it but I had to pass this time.  It just isn’t something I need to buy especially this year.

I went home from the show and proceeded to tell everyone around what I had seen and how it hurt me not to buy it, but I was proud of myself for having at least some self control.  After a day or two I put the book out of my head.

On Wednesday I went to the dentist (yuck) and after my appointment I stopped by The Glitter Workshop’s brick and mortar show to talk with Naomi about the Craft-Apple-Ar at the Orchard.  When I walked in Naomi had me watch things while she ran out to her car. She came in holding the BOOK!  P7150306I couldn’t believe it!  She had purchased the FIRST EDITION COPY OF ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’ for ME!!!!!!!!!  Tears came to my eyes…how amazing!  I will cherish this book forever and I’m so grateful for the wonderful surprise!  I honestly am still in shock and awe that I am the owner of this book!  Thank you thank you thank you so much Naomi!  It is in my ‘Top Ten’ of best gifts EVER!  I always strive to find the ‘perfect gift’ for a person and this incident reminded me again why I love to do it.  If I can make other people feel about a gift I gave them the same way I felt when I got ‘Gone with the Wind’ I will be a happy person.

Now I just have to figure out a good way to display it…any thoughts?

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