cApRi’S LeMoNaDe StAnD

I have to admit that we don’t get to do too many ‘special’ things with our girls during the fall.  They help us with our work and we see them for meals and things but we don’t get out much, watch movies or even snuggle all that much during these three months.  Luckily they have amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and baby sitters that help make the fall special for them at times too.

When Capri came home from school a few weeks ago so excited about the ‘green lemonade’ that she made in school I knew that somehow we’d have to have a lemonade stand for her.  I emailed her scheduled sitter for Saturday morning to see if she would be okay running the stand with them.  Luckily, I’m pretty sure she was as excited as the girls!  P9290102So…when Pip went down for her morning nap this Saturday morning, the girls set up ‘Capri’s Lemonade Stand.  P9290104

Since Capri is in 4K right now – she doesn’t have school on Friday’s so she hangs out with us in the store while we work.  Yesterday she spent the majority of her day working on her Lemonade sign.  I honestly don’t know where she gets the concentration or dedication to a particular project that she’s working on but it really is truly amazing for a 4 year old.  AND – isn’t her sign pretty cool?   P9290106 I was only able to visit for a moment but I was loving what I saw when I was out there.  P9290108At the point that I went for my 50-cent cup of lemonade, it was Capri’s turn to spoon out the ice cube for the lemonade – blue of course – remember, we’re selling ‘green’ lemonade here.  It turns out the girls agreed to serve three people and then switch jobs.  It’s seriously awesome when they get along…I just wish it happened all the time…P9290107 They also decided that girls would get the heart shaped ice cubes and the boys would get just regularly shaped ice cubes.  I guess they almost ‘sold out’ of the heart cubes.   P9290109Once the cube was in it was Cedi’s job to fill the cup with the yellow lemonade.   P9290110

As the ice melted – the lemonade turned to a lovely green color.  What fun!

Thanks to all the customers who came out and helped make my girls’ morning special!  And thanks to Josie for helping them man their station – I so appreciate it!

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