Fall Is Apple Picking Time

Most of my readers know that my family owns and operates an apple orchard in Wisconsin every fall.  For those that didn’t – definitely check out my orchard blog to find out more about us!  Posts have been sporadic lately since we’re getting into major apple season right now.  We don’t have near the number of apples to pick but we still seem to have plenty to keep us busy and our store customers happy.  Tomorrow is a big event at the orchard – the Apple-Azing Race.  It’s a scavenger hunt type race based off the TV Show ‘The Amazing Race’ but ours will just take place in rural Poynette.  It seems like things have been going pretty well getting ready for it.  We have 17 teams/39 people signed up to race.  With this race we’re raising money for our local library to expand their children’s section.  I’ll be sure to post next week and let you all know how the actual event went!  P8110022 Earlier in the season I snapped some pictures of my girls picking apples.  We’re not a pick your own apple orchard – but since they’re my kids – they get to help us pick a few apples.  :)  Even Pip joined in the fun!  P8110027


Her favorite part of course was eating the apples.  It drives her crazy when she’s in the shop and people are buying bags of apples – those are her apples and she wants to eat them!  She doesn’t quite understand just how many apples we have and we have more than enough to go around and still have a few for her to eat.

P8110025  Cedi got very into the picking.  She’s been out helping her dad and Grandpa too when she’s not in school.  P8110030P8110036 P8110031  And if Capri is in the mood she’s a great picker as well! P8110039 If you look close at this picture you can see Pip toddling behind catching up with the pickers.

Happy Apple Season everyone!

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