First Day of School

I hope you are all ready for a picture show.  Today was the first day of school for TWO of my girls.  Cedi had her first day of Kindergarten and Capri had her first day in 4K.  Reports after school from first – Great!


Of course – the weather didn’t cooperate for ‘no coat’ pictures so we had to do a few in the housel

P9050361I love how backpacks are just so HUGE on little ones!  Although Cedi’s starting to fit into hers much better this year! P9050362 Capri is wearing the Cinderella Patchwork Dress with the White Petticoat from The Measure. I am so in love with this dress!P9050364 And Capri is too! “It’s a great twirler mom!”P9050366Cedi…my little model is wearing Genevieve Drop Waist Dress from The Measure. It is the perfect dress for her!  And yes – she loves to pose for me :)P9050368 She did learn today that if she’s going to wear a dress to school – she needs to wear shorts under it.  She told me she wasn’t going to play on the monkey bars…turns out that’s not possible for this little monkey and she needs to put some shorts on next time…P9050373 Here we are – waiting for the bus at the time indicated on the sheet the bus company sent to us.P9050381 So we waited…P9050391 and waited..P9050397 and waited…P9050411 and danced a little…P9050417 and finally…the bus!P9050418 about 25 minutes later than the sent home sheet said, the bus finally pulled up. P9050419 I barely got this shot in as the girls were in a hurry to get loaded and finally see their friends and start school..P9050420 and as the bus pulled away…a few proud mommy tears rolled down my cheeks…

they’re just getting so big…way too fast.

I was so happy to have Pip for some squeezes when my big girls were gone.

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  1. How sweet! I am so not ready for pictures like this in my house, luckily I have a few years to wait!


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