Home Sweet Home Quilt – Quilted and Bound

It’s been just over nine months in the making but it is finally complete – and I am beyond happy with it!  Yes – that’s right, my Home Sweet Home Quilt is finished!  I just finished binding it late last week and had some beautiful weather so pictures of it went smoothly.  And here it is!!!!

Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

I sent it to Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting for Free Motion Quilted top.

Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

I love all the details that were added – the tree has leaves now and more texture to the bark.  Home Sweet Home Quilt - FinishedYou can see the details of the quilting a bit better from the back of the quilt.  Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

Tiles to the roofs, texture to the doors, windows and steps…Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished  Fun little details were added to the sashing as well – swirls in the pinwheels…every time I look at this quilt I see something different in the quilting as well as the piecing.  I purposely put some of my sashings that had the same fabrics as the blocks to create a more blended piece.

I really like too that the quilting was done in a neutral thread so it adds to the quilt without taking away from the overall look of the blocks all pieced together. Home Sweet Home Quilt - FinishedI chose to piece my back for the quilt too.  I used some ‘orphan blocks’ that I had from my block design ‘trials’.  They didn’t make it into the front but I didn’t want them forgotten so I added them to the back.  Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

I also printed on fabric the names of the blocks and the people who designed each one.  I wanted to give them lasting credit so it will always be a part of this quilt.

I know, I knew, I haven’t quite finished with the sashing tutorials…so I guess I’m technically not done with this quilt.  But they’ll be coming…


So…what do you think?

Do you have a favorite block?


I do want to end this with a huge thank you to Aneela Hooey for posting this inspiration quilt that made me fall in love with houses and trees – enough that I just HAD to do this quilt along.

Any idea what theme you all would be interested in a quilt along next?



  1. The quilt is just absolutely stunning Kim! A true labor of love. Congratulations for the gorgeous finish! I love that you included the block designers on the back - wonderful touch!

  2. I love it! Nice to see it all together & quilted!

  3. I love this!!! What a beautiful finish for 9 months of hard work :-D

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  5. It's gorgeous! I love the bright, happy colors you used!


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