How To Make a Kindergarten Nap Map Slip Cover

My oldest daughter, Mercedi Rose, will be starting kindergarten on Wednesday. I’m really excited for her and believe that she will flourish. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it.Cedi - Karmen Linder
Cedi Rose, age 5 photo by Karmen Linder Photography

One of the items on her school supply list was a folding nap pad.  P8270280 This is what I found when I went to Target.  You’ll see in later pictures the other side is grey.  This just doesn’t look very comfortable or pretty to me.  I’m sure you’ve figured out…I had to create a slipcover for it.

The cover I’m going to show you is one I made of a small quilted panel that I had practiced on with my long arm.   When I’m done showing you what I did to modify this quilted panel into a nap map slipcover I’ll share with you the dimensions you’d need to do this with just some regular fabric.

P8270281With less than a week before school started I realized it really was time to sew the slipcover I had promised Cedi for her nap map.  I was in my work room trying to decide what fabric to use.  If it was just for Cedi I would have picked a fun pink fabric but I really want this to fit all three girls and I already know that Capri prefers blue or purple.  I needed something with lots of colors but still really fun.  That’s when I spotted this quilted panel tree – it would be perfect!  I held it up to the mat and it was just a little short.  After consulting with Diane, I decided to just add a few strips of fabrics to either end of the quilted panel.  P8270282 Next – I folded the quilt around the mat – I was definitely short circumference-wise.  I measured the distance from the edge of the quilted panel to the next quilted panel.   828121I doubled the measurement and created a wide strip of fabric, folded in half and 44.5” long.  I ironed it the long way in half and then sewed a quarter inch away from the folded edge.   P8270287 Then, with right sides together I sewed my folded strip to one side of the quilted panel.P8270288 I created a second folded strip half the width of the first one.  Again, I sewed a quarter inch away from the folded edge.  With right sides together I sewed the strip to the other side of the quilted panel. P8270289  I was left with a piece that looked like this.  My next step was to sew it together to create a ‘pillow case’ for the mat.  P8270290I’m not usually a pinner but this time I pinned.   With the quilt folded right sides together I pinned it so the larger strip met up with seam of the panel and shorter strip.  I then sewed the bottom and top of the fabric together.  I flipped the piece right sides out and had basically a big pillow case.

P8270279 I wanted this to be a really practical mat for a kindergarten – which means it needs to be completely washable.  I cut the mat apart at each of it’s laminated seams.  I then measure the ‘pillow’ into 4 even sections which created three seams each approximately eleven inches apart.  I used a washable pen to mark my lines for these seams.  Then, I stitch a straight line at each seam, backstitching at each end for reinforcement.



I slipped the four pillow inserts from the ugly mat into the pockets my quilted panel pillow case made and voila!  I have a cozy yet stylish, fun nap map that will last (hopefully) through all three girls years of kindergarten!

P8270294First…Cedi had to try it out…seriously – that girl has some long legs! P8270296                 And Capri gave the final snuggle of approval!

Supply List without a quilted panel to start with:

Fabric 1 (outside): 44.5” x 45.5”

Fabric 2 (lining): 44.5” x 45.5”

Sew the two fabrics together, right sides together with a 1/4-inch seam.  Leave room to flip right sides out.

Sew a straight line 1/4” off the two 44.5” edges to reinforce the insert ‘flaps’.

Follow the same basic method for sewing the slipcover together.

P8270297 Capri was only a little happy :)


  1. You are just brilliant and the best mom ever!

  2. lol! I'll have to remind my daughters of what you said when they're teenagers!
    thanks ;)


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