please don’t squeeze my apples

When I first started to work in the apple business one of the most important lessons I was taught by the Lapacek’s was to be extremely gentle when handling the apples.  If you handle an apple too harshly it will bruise – even if you just squeeze it – a bruise will form.  Maybe not right away, but it won’t take long and it will be there and we all know that a bruised apple is not good.

So, I would be at the farmer’s markets and people would come by, give my apples a squeeze and say “Are these apples bruised?”.  If they weren’t before…they are now… Instead of trying to explain this each time I figured it might be better said on a shirt.

So…I created my signature shirt ‘please don’t squeeze my apples’.

Recently I’ve had a lot of compliments on my shirt and hoodies so I thought I’d post how you can get your very own.  Head over to my Zazzle shop and you can customize your very own ‘please don’t squeeze my apples’ t-shirt, hoodie, or whatever you want.  Professional Photo's of Lapacek's Orchard

photo by Friends in Photography

Zazzle’s a great way to share your design without investing too much on actual shirts that you won’t know what size and style will sell.

Professional Photo's of Lapacek's Orchard
photo by Friends in Photography

And of course – the back of your shirt will do a little promoting for our orchard too!

I have to tell you – those folks at the market tend to still squeeze my apples but there companion is usually laughing at my shirt.

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