Curvy Fantasia Quilt

I am a super lucky human being and got my hands on some yet to be released Art Gallery Fantasia Fabric designed by  the lovely and talented Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.    Of course this was going to be my ‘favorite fabric’ for the latest Project QUILTING challenge.

I knew right away I wanted to play with curves.  A few years back I went to a Quilts by Barb retreat and we made projects from the book Easy Biased Covered Curves by Wendy Hill.

At that time I was not a fan of the method.  Now, now that I have a bit more experience as a quilter and a bit more patience I realized that Wendy Hill had a great method.  After the retreat I had given the book to my mother-in-law and told her she could sell my copy – I would never use that method again.  Of course – now the idea in my head needed the book to help me out!  I went to her house in search of the book but couldn’t find it so I had to buy a new copy.  It was worth it!

Fantasia Curve Block

Before I knew it – I had my first block done!

Fantasia Curve Blocks

and then four …

Fantasia Curve Blocks

and then eight …

12 biased curved blocks

twelve …

Curvy Fantasia Quilt Layout Options

I decided it was time to put things together when I had 16 curvy blocks made.  Now it was time for the hard part!  How should I put them together?  This is usually the easy part for me – I just follow my gut and put the quilt together.  For some reason with these blocks I just couldn’t decide what looked best.

I posted a poll to instagram and facebook groups.  Here are the results (have I ever mentioned that I used to be an engineer and I secretly love spreadsheets?)

A – 125 votes – 37%

B – 91 votes – 27%

C – 29 votes – 9%

D – 89 votes – 27%

Well – the majority voted for A but I would say it was fairly evenly split between A, B, and D.  Not too helpful.

It was time to take a nap and let my dreams tell me what to do.

Curvy Fantasia Quilt

I dreamt of four circles with the corners rounded off.  I couldn’t ignore my dreams … so … I went with option E and made four circles.Curvy Fantasia Quilt

Here is my finished quilt!  Whimsical and fun and still shows off Sara’s amazing new fabric line!

Curvy Fantasia Quilt back

I used one of my favorite panels as the back of the quilt.

Curvy Fantasia Quilt free motion quilting

I had fun free motion quilting in all the different circular sections of this quilt.

Curvy Fantasia Quilt free motion quilting

I highly recommend giving the Bias Curved book a try – this looks like it was a lot of work but it really went together pretty quickly!

Curvy Fantasia Quilt

I think this quilt will work great as a table topper!

Measures: ~32” x 32”
Made by Kim Lapacek in Poynette, WI


  1. I love this! I'm so glad that you went with the circles. It's really fun.

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  3. Oh!! I saw this quilt on a facebook page earlier this week! I was totally team A (although they were all lovely!) I love the layout you went with though. I am really hoping to work on piecing curved pieces this year. I've not yet done any. I really love what you've done here. It's very striking!!

  4. I like your final decision!! WTG your own way like your dreams tell you to! :)

  5. OMG I LOVE this! And yes, the dream was right!

  6. Follow your dreams! It works for you!

  7. Kim I love this so much! I wish I was creative with my quilts like you are, it's gorgeous! Thanks again so much for working with my fabrics :)

  8. This is such a cool quilt! And then the curved edges, just perfect!


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