Quilt Dots–A New Partnership and a Giveaway

I’m thrilled to announce a new partnership I’ve been working on since Quilt Festival with Quilt Dots of Zappy Dots!

Zappy Dots creates interchangeable magnetic jewelry[, pins] and adorable magnet packs for individuals and businesses who love to live life in COLOR!

Founded in 2011 in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado, Zappy Dots mission is to encourage individuals to Follow Your Dreams and Express Your Creativity.

Hmm… follow my dreams – I think I can handle that!

All of the dots in the Persimon Dreams line are made from photos of quilts I’ve made.  They’re colorful, fun and inspirational and I hope you decide to get a few!


There are three different collections you can purchase!  Above is Dreamscelebrate_by_persimon_dreams_9_collection

This one is called Celebrate!

Blossom by Persimon Dreams Collection of 6

This one is called Blossom!

I can’t decide which of the three collections is my favorite!  Which one is yours?

To add to the fun – Quilts Dots is having a fun little giveaway on their blog and they’re giving away a set of Persimon Dreams “Dreams” collection Quilt Dots (pictured at the top of this post) with a Silver Snake Chain, so you can be inspired wherever your quilting adventures may take you!

You have until Monday, March 16th to enter the giveaway  - good luck!


  1. Very cute! These are new to me, and what a clever idea. My favorite is the Dreams collection.

  2. Dreams is my favorite followed by Celebrate then Blossom, but it was hard to decide with all of them looking so fantastic. Great idea and love this collaboration. Thanks for the nice giveaway chance.

  3. these are so cute. A very creative idea.

  4. When I saw you announce these a few weeks ago I thought, "Cute, but I don't need any more magnets" ... then the other day I was in a local quilt shop and saw bracelets with round magnets, and just had to pick one up thinking it would make a good pin holder. Then I started wondering if the bracelet and your magnets were made by the same folks and had to come back and search for this post. Sure enough, they are!

    So, just so everyone knows... these magnets are awesome, especially when paired with the bracelet. The quality is good, they are pretty, the magnets are strong, and they are excellent for holding pins while you work. I might have to order a necklace as well, I suspect it could be good for holding a small pair of scissors.


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