Recap of the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show

It’s been a bit crazy around her this week – definitely not a ‘regularly scheduled’ week.  On Sunday afternoon – the whole family stopped in at the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show so the girls could see their mama’s quilts hanging.

Gypsy Wife Quilt

I was shocked when one of my friends pointed out that I had won a BLUE RIBBON!?   What!?  I never win ribbons from actual judges!  (I do from viewer’s and vendors … but not judges … the ones that actually look at my seam work!).  This was beyond amazing!

Dresden Neighborhood Quilt

And then I saw this!  A third on my Dresden Neighborhood quilt!  I was in shock!

I came back on Monday with Pip and my mother-in-law to give the show my real attention (or as much as I could with a 3 year old tagging along).

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI,

This quilt ‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI, was one of my absolute favorites.  From a distance I thought, “Hmmm… that looks nice.”

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI,

And then I got closer and I saw this …

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI

and this …

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI

and this ..

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI

and this …

‘Shadows’ by Carol Perkins from Loganville, WI

and yes, this!  The background behind each leaf was quilted differently.  The attention to detail and workmanship on this quilt just blew my mind!  I love how the leaves look like they’re just coming right off the quilt at you!

Til Death Do Us Part by Trisha Frankland

The lovely Trisha Frankland had her quilt “Til Death Do Us Part” at the show too.  It looks so beautiful hanging there!  I couldn’t get Pip to not be in the picture …


And then someone was tired … but at least she wasn’t screaming and wasn’t really in the center of the room …

Kelly Kroon

Kelly Kroon’s beautiful quilt!


This one was made by Wendy Franczak and yes – that’s matchstick quilting!  Amazing!

beautiful quilting

I just adorable the quilting on this one and really wish it was hanging instead of just folded over a quilt rack …

I think I’ll have to pause for now as I still have lots of pictures to show you.  I’ll still have to post some pictures from the special Madison Modern Quilter’s Guild Exhibit at the show and I have to show you what everyone came up with for the challenge!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your Gypsy WIfe quilt and I am thrilled that you won a ribbon for it - so well deserved - congratulations - I love your works so much. Also, as a very amateur quilter with a passion for houses, I LOVE your Dresden Neighbourhood quilt and am thrilled that you won recognition for that and a ribbon! Yey!! COngratulations.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  2. Congratulations Kim! Your quilts are gorgeous! And thanks for sharing photos of the show!

  3. The 'Shadows' quilt really is spectacular. Thanks for showing us photos from the show. Lots of talented people there!

  4. Congratulations on not ONE BUT TWO ribbons. Great photos. Love the leaves and agree with you that it is awesome. Looking forward to seeing more of the photos.

  5. Love the tour- and I really like the second place piece. And Pip- made me laugh- that's how I feel most Friday nights!! Happy weekend!

  6. Congrats! And these are all really amazing. How in the world did she do those leaf shadows??


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