FAQ about ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Challenge

The ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Project QUILTING Challenge starts just one week from tomorrow!  I’ve heard lots of excited comments, anticipation and of course some questions.  I’m going to try to clear up as much confusion as possible below here … feel free to ask more if you have them though!
Project QUILTING Challenge Bundle


Are we to be “inspired” by the chosen block, or “must we use the Block?
Inspired.  Inspired by is exactly it. You are free to be inspired by the quilt block I give. A story behind the quilt is appreciated though so you can show us how the final quilt was actually inspired by the quilt block.

We’ve had quilt block challenges before in Project QUILTING so I went back in the archives to the ‘Log Cabin Challenge’ of Season 1 to show you different way the challenge was interpreted. 

Shabby Ruffled Log Cabin - Kim's Crafty Apple Challenge
Let’s start with a literal example.  Here’s a fabulous traditional log cabin quilt made by Jennifer Rodriguez.  Yes – it’s literally a log cabin but her twist was to ruffle each ‘log’ in the cabin. 
Log Cabin Quilt

Catherine of MoranArtandQuilts used the traditional log cabin blocks to make a literal log cabin!  Another great solution the challenge!

Project Quilting Log Cabin Entry - Apple Tree - Submittal
And then this was my interpretation of the log cabin challenge.  My log cabins are wonky and they happened to turn into an apple tree.  Obviously, if my blocks are telling me they want to be a tree for the ‘Focus Through the Prism Challenge’ I’ll have to make them into a tree with an actual quilted fabric background to make a 20” square. 

Do I have to Register? Is there a form? Is there a fee?
No registration, no form, no fee (other than the purchase of the ROYGBIV fabric bundle from Cherrywood Fabrics)

Do we chose any color?
YES – Choose any color.  We want a mix of colors representing each block.  Overall this will have a great impact at the show.  You may use each color only ONE TIME in the seven month challenge.  For Example: … One month your quilt must read ‘Red’ with the ‘Red’ Cherrywood fabric somewhere in the quilt.  The next month you may pick any color but red to use.  So, if you chose yellow that months’ quilt must read ‘yellow’ and the yellow cherrywood fabric must be somewhere in the quilt. The month after that you may pick any color but red or yellow and so forth …

Do we send the quilt to you every month?
Photo’s of your quilts must be linked up to my blog – Persimon Dreams (exact web address announced at the first of each month) by the last day of each month to qualify for the randomly drawn monthly prize.

The quilts also must be available to be shipped to me in January 2016 and in my possession for up to one year.

My address is:
Kim Lapacek
N1959 Kroncke Road
Poynette, WI 53955

How do we 'link up' our quilt?
We've been linking up our projects for Project QUILTING for a few seasons now.  I did create a fun little post to assist you in the progress.  You can find it HERE.

If you don't have instagram/flickr/and/or a blog to link up feel free to email me: lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com a picture and story behind your quilt and I will link it up for you!

Is this the new “Cherrywood Challenge?”
No.  It’s really seven Off Season Project QUILTING Challenges that utilize the fabulous Cherrywood Fabric.

Can I use the Cherrywood Color Wheel bundle?
No – it is not the same.  You MUST use the ROYGBIV Project QUILTING Bundle.

Do you have to do all 7 months in order to win?
No.  The top quilts will be chosen individually, not based on the series.

Does the quilt need a hanging sleeve?
A 4" quilt rod pocket will need to be added to the back of the quilt before you send it to me January. Check out THIS tutorial for how to do this.

To find out more about the basic idea and history of Project QUILTING:  http://www.kimlapacek.com/featured-products.html

I hope this has helped to clarify a few things but please, please, please, don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you may have!

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  1. Al I want to do is pet this wonderful fabric. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to cut it up when the time comes! Looking forward to May 1st.


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