The Easter Egg Hung

We went to my brothers for Easter weekend and we had a great time going to the Easter Egg Hunt with his family!Kids with Easter Bunny

I was super excited to see the Easter Bunny there!  We hadn’t had our yearly picture yet so this was perfect!

Keri and Pip

Here is Pip with her ‘best friend’ Keri.

Cedi and Capri

Cedi and Capri were in the bigger girl hunt.  Cedi was super excited that 8 was the oldest allowed at this hunt (the one by us has a cut off of 7). 

Erik and Brian

There’s Erik telling Uncle Brian his strategy for the hunt!

Laura prepping Pip and Keri

Laura giving Keri and Pip last minute tips!

Keri and Pip with bags

Another little girl by us had the great idea to put the bag handle over her neck – leaves both hands free for egg grabbing.

Pip in the hunt

And they’re off!  It was a mad mess of scrambling kids!  All of the kids had fun and before we knew it their bags were full and the ground was clean.

Then we headed inside to turn in our empty eggs and check out the results of the coloring contest.  Uncle Brian had given us the sheets the day before and the girls’ colored them in the hotel with gel pens that night.

Capri took first in coloring contest

Capri was happy to see she took FIRST in the 7-8 category!

Cedi and her coloring

And Cedi was very gracious about not getting a ribbon.

Kids and the Easter Lion

Then Pip spotted the Easter Lion and just had to get her picture with him.  Of course – the rest of the kids had to join in the shot too!  What a fun morning!

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