A Penny For Your Thoughts

We spent another long night with Pip last night.  She’s been super congested at night since I was gone at Quilt Market.  It just hasn’t been getting better so my ‘Mom-o-Meter’ told me it was time to go in and just get her checked out.  Sure enough – sinus infection.  She hasn’t had one since 2013 so we got some antibiotics will hopefully get my baby feeling better soon!  While I was there Pip mentioned that when she was at Grandma’s yesterday she swallowed a penny.  I hadn’t heard anything about it so a quick text to Grandma and sure enough, she had told grandma she swallowed a penny yesterday.

The doctor recommended a quick x-ray just to check on the location of the penny. She’s totally fine at the point but I have to say it’s really sad seeing your baby in a hospital gown!

And the x-ray proved two things:
  1. Pip was not lying.
  2. Pip did in fact swallow a penny.
They’re not sure if her insides are big enough yet to pass things on its own so we get to watch her poop until Monday.  If it hasn’t passed we’ll go in for another x-ray so the pediatric gastroenterologist can look at how things are progressing.  We’re hoping that it just passes naturally before then!

And I was just thinking this morning that I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about today.  I do say that the crazy things in my life happen just so I have something to blog about!


  1. Here's wishing for something Quilty to post! May everything pass as it should and my the sinus infection be cured.


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