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I may have a bit of a fabric stash.  I’m going to start sharing with some pictures of fabrics I’ve acquired and tell you what caught my eye about them that I thought they should be added to my stash.  I rarely buy fabric with a project in mind and I do my best to purchase whatever moves me at the time knowing that it will someday get put to good use!Floressence from Art Gallery FabricsThis collection, Floressence, is from Art Gallery Fabrics.  I am particular towards Art Gallery because the fabric is not only beautiful but it feels amazing!  Seriously – if you haven’t pet some fabric from Art Gallery I highly recommend you head out to your local quilt shop and seek it out so you can ‘Feel the Difference’. 

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10028 Floresta Cashmere

Floresta Cashmere – This is a partially directional print.  It can either go up or down.  These are slightly tricky to work with but it can be done.  

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10026 Lotus Cerise

Lotus Cerise – this reminds me sort of a modern plaid.  I can’t wait to cut this up and use the texture that will be created – especially if I cut it on the bias!

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10022 Veiled Scarletts

Veiled Scarletts – this diamond print is absolutely fabulous!  If you cut it perpendicular to the ‘lines’ shown you’ll get a ‘stripe’ effect and it would be fantastic as a binding or even a sashing strip!

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10027 Joie du Jour

Joie du Jour – an adorable ditzy print.  These are always great in ones stash.  I would probably use this one as a ‘background’ fabric mixed with other ditzy on white/off white prints.

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10021 Trellis Gentian

Trellis Gentian – texture, movement, gorgeous color.  Yes please!

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10024 Notes of Mist

Notes of Mist –  when I look at this I want to applique clouds onto an art quilt.  If cut carefully (there is a directionalism to this print) it would be a fabulous stripe element to a quilt.  But you’d have to cut super straight to achieve this so be care!

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10029 Notes of Freesia

Notes of Freesia – and this one reminds me of cotton candy or balloons.  Definitely a fantastic piece to work with on applique projects.

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10020 Acqua di Rose Jade

Acqua di Rose Jade – big, watercolor-esque floral prints.  Always a must for my collection!

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10023 Meadow Aroma Creme

Meadow Aroma Crème – stunning!  This is a large print.  This would look great fussy cut or pretending it’s just one solid piece.  By cutting it up and using it like it’s a regular size print you create odd elements to a quilt that will really catch peoples attention.  BUT be careful – this can completely mess with value so be aware of what you’re doing and know that this can be tricky to piece with.

Floressence Fabric Swatch FS-10025 Fragrant Corsage Rouge

Fragrant Corsage Rouge – another large floral print!  Gorgeous color combination.  Gorgeous unexpected texture in the backgrounds.  This will truly add some unexpected elements pieced into a quilt – I’m always looking for the unexpected.  Again – BE CAREFUL with value!

What do you think of my new blogging addition about how I pick fabric?  Do you think this will help you understand my choices more?  Does it just confuse you more?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!

Floressence Fabric

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  1. Kim, the way you use fabic and saturation of color to make quilts "yours" is what draws me to your quilts and your blogs, so please bring on the demonstrations and explanations. Seriously--my niece was visiting recently, and I had multiple computer pages open, along with the print-outs of my Aurifil mini quilts. "See--this is the pattern. These are the fabrics I pulled. These are the quilts other people made. And now look! Look at the quilt Kim made! Now look at this one! See what I mean? She sees things differently than I do! And I want to see them like she does..." It was so much fun. My niece laughed and laughed, but she got it, too.


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