Give It A Whirl!

My friend Sam Hunter has some fabulous new designs coming out.  She's slowly sharing them with you all so you get to get more an more excited about each new pattern!

I was lucky to be a 'stunt sewer' for her pattern 'Give it A Whirl!'.

I had a lot of fun putting this one together!  I tried to tone it down a bit for me but I guess I can't help myself.  I used one fabric for the background .. a fabulous ombre grey in x's and o's from Stof Fabric.  This pattern was written to go perfectly for a jelly roll.  I knew I wanted to make this for a new baby boy so I pulled out some of my fun and whimsical fabrics that I thought would be fun for this quilt and cut out my own jelly roll.  It had been awhile since I just took a pattern and pieced it.  I'm so used to have to come up with my 'own thing' all the time it was really nice to just sew.    

This quilt was for my girls' ballet teachers' new baby boy, Landry.  Every Monday I'd be at ballet I'd watch Ms. Erin get bigger and bigger and I knew I had to get this quilt done and finished for her so she would have it before she had her beautiful bundle of joy.  So I even quilted it myself!  It was the perfect size for putting on my long arm frame and it didn't take long before I had it all quilted!

Here you can see a closer look at my quilting.  I have a really hard time staying on focus with the same pattern/design over and over.  Does that ever happen to you?

All that was left was binding and of course the deer fence photo shoot before I gave it as a gift.  I finished this quilt back in February and I kept it a secret until Sam was ready to release the pattern!  If you know me at all you know that it is a huge deal for me to keep anything secret!

Once the photo shoot was done I brought it to ballet class and the girls excitedly had Miss Erin open it!  She loved it and I'm so happy I decided to make a quilt for baby Landry...who by the way ... is an adorable and healthy baby boy born at the end of March.  I love being able to share my passion with someone who shares her passion (dancing) so freely with my kids and so many other children around her.  

So ... what are you waiting for!?  Head over to Sam's website and get your 'Give It a Whirl!' pattern asap!   It’s for sale hard copy here and PDF here.


  1. I love the quilt. What type of frame is that? It looks like a domestic machine.

  2. Yes, what is that frame cuz I want one too!

  3. Great finish. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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